Welcome to the website of the Calasparra City Council, a portal open to citizens with the purpose of providing service to all those who visit it as a means of communication, participation and information.
This municipal portal is a sample of the importance that we want to give to the new information and communication technologies in the commitment to bring the City Council and its functions closer to all citizens and to all the people of Calasparra who live far from their homeland.
Calasparra must continue to be a decent place to live, healthy, safe, prosperous and that offers opportunities to develop a vital project for its inhabitants. Calasparra is an active, friendly, hospitable, dynamic and enterprising municipality. A municipality that has great strength, the strength of the people who live in Calasparra. A municipality prepared with a Government Team ready to continue developing progress projects committed to our people, together with the collaboration of associations, groups, social, cultural, sports organizations, etc. We have youth, merchants, companies and the entire population in general because we all have the same goal, that Calasparra continue to advance.

Teresa García Sánchez

Mayor of Calasparra