Youth Guarantee

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Youth Guarantee is a European initiative in which the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia participates, which aims to facilitate the access of young people aged 16 to 30 to the labor market.

In Spain, it is part of the Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Strategy approved in February 2013 by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

The Youth Guarantee Recommendation stipulates that young people over 16 and under 30 can receive an offer of employment, education or training after completing their studies or becoming unemployed.

It is focused so that all young people not employed or integrated into education or training systems can receive an offer of employment, education or training, including apprentice training or internship, after finishing formal education or becoming unemployed. The European recommendation that established the program requires that each young person can receive an offer within a period of four months from their enrollment.

To this end, the National Youth Guarantee System is created as a file in which young people, voluntarily registered, become a single demand list available to the entities responsible for proposing specific offers.


Youth Guarantee is aimed at young people in search of employment who are not in a position to study or train, or work for themselves or others, and want to achieve their full insertion in the labor market.

Young people may apply for registration provided they meet the following requirements:

Have Spanish nationality or, be citizens of the Union or of the States parties to the European or Swiss Economic Agreement or be a foreigner who is entitled to reside in Spanish territory that enables them to work.
Be registered in any locality of the Spanish territory.
Be over 16 or under 30 at the time of applying
Not having worked on the calendar day before the date of submission of the application.
Not having received educational actions on the calendar day prior to the date of submission of the application.
Not having received training actions on the calendar day before the date of submission of the application.
Submit an express declaration of interest in participating in the National Youth Guarantee System, acquiring a commitment to actively participate in the actions carried out within the framework of the Youth Guarantee. In the case of job seekers, it will suffice with their enrollment in public employment services.


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